Where to buy

Juan Valdez Coffee Shop

Colombian coffee, one of the best in the world. They have free wi fi, so a lot of local businessmen and tourist both come in here to do whatever they need to do, get a cup of coffee, in a relaxed setting. The customer service is great, the prices are reasonable, and you can buy there coffee bags to take with you, as well. This franchise is located throughout the city.

Las bóvedas

They are located between the Santa Clara and Santa Catalina forts. It is considered the last project of the Colony realized within the walled city. It has 47 arches and 23 vaults. It had military use during the Colony and in the Independence served of jail.  After their restoration, they work in shops of crafts and antiques, bars and galleries. It’s a Beautiful place into the walled city, you can get in walking and find stuff to buy. Lovely choices in quality and items, is a good place to buy souvenirs off all kinds. All salesmen were very correct and you’ll find a nice atmosphere with colorfully dressed women in native clothing.


It’s a supermarket located inside a mall called “Los Ejecutivos” first floor, Pedro De Heredia street #37, Cartagena, Bolívar. There you can buy food, fruits and vegetables, cosmetics, hygiene products and others. This is an important tip if you need to buy your regular stuff because it’s a very complete market.

By: Jessica Rodríguez, Duran Duran's Travel Agent - E-mail: jessrodri25@gmail.com