Mangroves Cartagena Tour

In this tour i felt in some way embraced by nature, fascinated and impressed when realized how  hormonious, peaceful, and organized can be the wild-life. Its really interesting and  entertaining watch the birds and crabs, hear the noises, smell the rare scents in the air and touch the water while riding a wodden canoe. The experience was beautiful and interesting- a great break from the city, here is what you can expect:

After a pick up at your hotel, the van will take  you to Manzanillo del Mar, once reached the place you’ll test the typical lunch  around 15:00. The dish is  fried fish, coconut rice, salad, patacones and ” agua de panela” ; After lunch time you must go to the  meeting point by walking, it is  5 minutes walk from lunch place; Now get into your canoe and begin  the tour of the Mangroves with a tour guide and a sculling staff, this guys  normally only speak spanish, however if most of the tourist in the tour are english spoken you’ll probably have an english spoken staff. Anyway you can hire a translator  (ask duran duran tours for the translator)  if want to know more details of the tour.

Throughout the route the guide will tell how to difference between the three types of mangroves: red, white and black.  Since this is actually a community-based tour your guide will provide a lot of context of the mangroves importance to the local eco-system and the economy of fishermen, get to know the history, culture and water level natural -control system that provides the mangroves, helping to protect  “La Boquilla”, the fishermen village located at only 15-minutes ride from Cartagena.

You will pass through mangrove tunnels, in addition, you will be taken to the natural tunnels: Tunnel of Love; The Tunnel of Conquest; The tunnel of happiness and some other hidden paths are observed. This ride will take moreless 1 hour and a half.

The ride will finish at  the pre-Colombian art Museum (Important: right now the museum is being remodeled and should be open on December) where you can see a wide collection of the pre-Columbian cultur, formed by artistic pieces, copies, and original articles in representation of  the main Indigenous Cultures of Colombia.

At the end of the tour you must wait the van to be transfered from Manzanillo del Mar to Cartagena.

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