Salsa & other Colombian dances

The “Salsa” is a set of Afro-Caribbean rhythms fused with jazz and other styles. His birth has been much debated, but is known that came from a fusion between Africans and Caribbean styles when they heard the European music and then mix it with their drums. This music is very catchy, rhythmic and cheerful, which has generated in the listener the need for physical expression through dance.

We will create an authentic experience according to your needs. Enjoy the cultural richness of Cartagena from dance and music. The tour combines education, tourism and culture. Dancing is passion, is energy and is unquestionably a fundamental part of the Caribbean culture, as it is directly related to the happiness that characterizes its people.

On this Dance and Salsa Tour you will have the opportunity to discover a new language through music, using dance as a tool, ideally for those who have never been in contact with Latin rhythms, likewise those who have advanced and intermediate levels will enrich their movements and dance styles.

Enjoy a combination of intensive classes and teaching practices, and create a dance show with instructors at representative locations of “Salsa” in Cartagena, mixing academics with other activities of interest. A tour of the best Salsa Clubs in town. Classes can be taught in Spanish or English, all ballrooms have air conditioning.


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