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Cartagena's Pastel Festival

First, rice with annatto, salt, garlic and, if desired, some seasoning is precooked. Separately, an accompaniment is prepared, it can be a stew of pork, chicken, creole hen or even a delicious combination of these. Then a vegetable salad with carrot, onion, scallion, to which you can add potatoes, eggplant, peas, capers and olives is made. And especially in a leaf of bijao mixes the precooked rice, the accompaniment and the vegetable salad.

Finally the bijao is tied in such a way that no ingredient is allowed to escape and cooked in a pot of seasoned water. This may take between two to three hours to prepare this delicious dish and is not at all easy, because it has its science, you can try it or just let yourself be seduced by the smells and flavors of the Cartagena's Pastel Festival, which this year reaches its version number 30. A cook of this festival admits that the secret to get a good Pastel, is closely related to humor and love of the preparer, in other words "It's a matter of love and joy".

A Pastel costs between 10 and 17 thousand Colombian Pesos and anyone who wants to try this delicious dish can approach, between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m., at Parque de la Marina until December 25, when this version of the Festival closes. Do not miss it!


Cooking class tour

Cooking Class Tour


 we go to the open market to taste our tropical fruits, shopping the ingredients we will use in order to cook according to the dish you choose.

City : Cartagena de indias 

Plaze : Bazurto 

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Time : 8:00



Tertulia (12/19/17)

At 5 o'clock this afternoon in the Adolfo Mejía Theater Lobby, se cumplirá con la Tertulia y el Concierto Navideño del grupo Ensamble Aquarelly, with the tenor Rafael Figueroa, the boy who dazzled years ago in Plácido Domingo in Cartagena, today turned into a professional singer and musician. Free entry.


At 5:30 this afternoon on Calle de la Ronda, urban music groups are presented, within the IPCC's cultural agenda.

Pastel and music

In the Pastel's Festival in the Marine Park, several artists arrive until 6 in the afternoon, until December 25.


In la Plaza de los Coches, at 6 in the afternoon there will be recitals by the poet José Ramón Mercado and the intervention of professor and researcher Juan Gutiérrez Magallanes. The agenda is driven by the IPCC and the Writers Association.


Open to the public, exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art of Cartagena, Museum of the Presentation, Training Center of Spanish Cooperation, among others.

Writers in la Plaza de los Coches

Writers of Cartagena participate in the program Evoking Christmas, at 6 this afternoon in la Plaza de los Coches. The activity is organized by the Association of Writers of the Coast, chaired by Joce G. Daniels G., and the Institute of Heritage and Culture of Cartagena.

The program

The literary program '' Evoking Christmas '', in addition to showing the literary work of the participants, presents a reading of texts about Cartagena. The program seeks to sensitize the public in the walled center of Cartagena, around literary creation.

The event has the support of the Institute of Heritage and Culture of Cartagena. The Association of Writers of the Coast, promotes every year the International Parliament of Writers.