Conquest of Cartagena

To conquer Cartagena De Indias has been the dream of many in the last 486 years.
The founder of the city did it.
He conquest the city when it was name Kalamary.
French and British did the same, some of them by themselves and some others sponsored by their queens or kings.
What about you?
What about your family and friends? and  challenge you to conquer Cartagena De Indias.
What to conquer?
The whole city through the corners, the people, the food, the music, the history, the architecture, and let Cartagena De Indias to conquer you through the India Catalina, Carex, Pero Zapata De Mendoza, Antonio De Arévalo, Mr Blas De Lezo known as the half man, Pedro Claver known as the slave of the slaves, and
Don't forget to give a chance to the Gold Museum, La Popa, Rafael Nunez house, and
Conquer Cartagena and let yourself be conquered by her.
Night life time, the beaches, and Cartagena De Indias most important celebrations like the eve, the new year celebration, the book festival, the film festival, the Colombia's national beauty pageant, the festival del pastel, La Candelaria's holy day, Christmas Holidays and, on June 21th, Duran Durans birth day.
Yes, we challenge you to conquer Cartagena De indias.