what to do today in Cartagena

Week October 1 to April 8 2017
Hour Monday Tuesday Wenesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
09:00 Yoga & Community @parque apolo Bike Tour 10:00am

walking tour 2:00pm

cooking class tour 7:30am Take some photos 5:00pm seeing the sunset it old city 5:30 pm

bike tour 4:00 am

02:00  City Tour in group Bike tour 9:00AM Taking some pictures 5:00pm

 Bike Tour 2:00pm

eating some fruits 8:30 am  Private  City  Tour 3:00pm cooking class tour 8:00am
9:00 Staff at the port Private city tour 8:30 am 

Music: Picó de La Boquilla 1:00pm

Sport Ju-jitzu ciudad Movil 4:30 pm Zumba- ciudad movil 6:30 pm Historical centre at 5:45   seeing the sunset on the old city 5:45 pm
8:30 Private city tour  Street food and getsemani 2:30 sport yoga@ciudad movil 6:00 pm Cinema free movies at camara de comercio 6:30pm Dancing at Bolivar park 6:00pm seeing the sunset with friends 5:30pm taking  some photos 5:00pm 
8:20 Private city tour 

Staff service 


Private city tour 7:30am Cruise ship inCartagena 9:00am walking tour 9:30am Bike tour at 9:00am City tour at 2:00pm
22:00 Cooking class 4:00pm seeing the sunset  5:45pm dancing in Bolivar square 6:00 pm Walking in the old city  visiting squares 5:00pm City Tour Take some photos 


Week february 7th to february 13th 2017
Hour Monday Tuesday Wenesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Walking tour

zumba@icudad movil 6:30 pm

Apple beach house 10:00 am Ghost Tour 7:00 am

Live Music cuba 1940s


cooking class tour 8:30 am

take some photos 5:20 pm


Bike Tour

City tour 9:00 am

Walking Tour 10:00 am Streetfood at Getsemani 8:30 pm Ghost tour 7:00 am Bike Tour 2:30 pm seeing the sunset 5:30 pm

Ghost tour

Pico de la boquilla 1:00pm Zumba @plaza de la trinidad 8:00 pm cooking classTour 8:30 am

take some hotos 4:30 pm

Bike tour 4:30 pm city tour 8:30 pm
09:00 Tour Volcano of totumo  Rosario Island 8:30 am Bike tour 4:00pm  Live Music@cafe habana  city tour 3:00 pm

 seeing the sunset 5:30pm

 Walking around the beash 4:3
.20:00 Rosario Island City tour 8:40 am Lunch time 12:30 pm Freetime with friends 7:00pm Volcano of totumo 8:30 am city tour 9:00 am walking tour 2:00 pm
06:30 Dancing at the Bolivar Park Freetime with friends 5:30 pm Walking tour 7:00 am City tour 9:40 am  Seeing the sunset 5:30 pm

 Live miusic 8:00 pm

 Bke Tour 4:30 pm
8:30 Rosario Island Cooking class tour 8:30 am city tour 8:30 am Bike tour 5:30 pm City tour 8:00 am Bike tour 8:40 pm City tour 8:30 am

Week 3

Week February 13to february 19 2017

Hour Monday Tuesday Wenesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8:00 Rosario Island Cooking class tour 8:30 

Bike Tour 


Miusic Pico la Boquilla 1:00  Sport Ju-jitsu@ciudad Movil 4:30  Sport Zumba@ciudad Movil 6:30 Seeing the sunset 5:40
05:00 Private salsa class

Private city tour 7:30

Cinema Free movies at camara de comercio 6:30
Sport Yoga@ciudad Movil 6:00

Bike tour around the city 4:30

Take some photos 4:00

Group Walking Tour 5:00
80:00 Dance tango@ciudad Movil Reggae Nights@bazurto social club 10:00 Movie Alianza francesa cine club 10:00 Group Bootcamp 7:00 seeing the sunset 5:45 Eating some tipycal fruits 8:30am Take a breakstas 7:00 am
9:00 Bomba beach club day party  Boat leaving for blue apple beach house 10:00  Sport yoga@ciudad Movil 6:00pm

Private Tour

9:00 am

Live miusic @cafe habana 10:00pm Party karaoke @HardRock cafe 9:00pm

Dance champeta@bazurto

Social Club 10:00pm

10:20 private city tour

Rosario islands


City Tour 

9:00 AM

Sport yoga@ciudad Movil 6:00pm

Live Music cuba 1940s


Live Music 

Cafe Havana 10:00 pm

Bike Tour 5:00pm
10:00 Staff at the port The beach hostel 10:00am           

Week 4


Week February 20 to february 282017
Hour Monday Tuesday Wenesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7:00 Ghost Tour 8:30cooking class tour Rumba en chiva 7:15 pm live miusic@bazurto social club 22:00 live miusic@cafe havana 22:00 sport yoga@ciudad movil 18:00 party karaoke@HardRock Cafe 21:00

sport zumba@ciudad movil

Walking Tour 5:00pm

Bike Tour 4:30
seeing the sunset 5:30pm city tour 2:30pm

Rosario Island 8:30am

Bike tour 4:00pm
07:00 Ghost Tour  Zumba plaza Trinidad 8:00pm

Cooking Class Tour 8:30am 

Bike Tour 4:45 pm city tour 9:45 am  Walking Tour 3:00pm dancing at the Bolivar Place 6:00 pm 
01:00 Pico de la Boquilla  Sport@ciudad Movil 4:30 pm  Sport Zumba@Ciudad Movil 6:30pm Group Bootcamp 19:00 Seeing the sunset 5:40pm Take some pictures on the old ctiy 6:40 pm  Bike Tour 5:00pm
08:00 Cooking Class Tour Private City Tour 09:30 am Seeing the sunset 5:30pm Take some photos 4:45pm Dance at parque Bolivar 6:00pm Drink some typical juice 8:30am  Class of dance at parque Bolivar 5:45pm
08:30 Tour Palenque Take some photos at 5:45pm  seeing the sunset at 5:50 pm walking around the city at  4:30pm walking tour with DuránDurán Tours 4:00pm city tour in the morning 8:30am Bike tour 8:00 am