Activities for Today


Culture: Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.

In Cartagena De Indias, we have everything you are looking for relate to culture.
Language? In Colombia we do speak 69 languages, and in Cartagena we have people who’s main language is not Spanish but Guayunaiqui, the Kogui language, Arawak language and of course Spanish, according to many people the best Spanish language is spoken in Colombia.

Religion? No problem, our constitution was writing by Rafael Nuñez in 1.886 and right there he wrote from the very first beginning that the catholic religion was the official one, but it was changed in 1.991 and in the new one is writing that we have freedom of religion and that’s why now a days we have very nice, beautiful and smart people from many religions like Bahais, Mormons, Christians, Catholics and so on.
Cuisine? Ask to about it.
We have all over Colombia 32 states and on each one we have no one but 4 or 5 different choices, like Ajiaco in Bogotá, Bandeja Paisa in Medellin, Lechona tolimense in Tolima, sancocho de gallina everywhere and only in Cartagena De Indias, there are not less than 8 different delicious recipes.

Social habits? Dancing, singing, playing soccer, biking, travelling, going to the cinema and so on.
Music? Keep in mind Shakira from Barranquilla, Juanes from Medellin, Joe Arroyo from Cartagena, Fonseca from Bogotá, Carlos Vives from Santa Marta, Diomedes Diaz and many others.
Arts? Art of all kind, we recommend you to look for Fernando Botero in google.
Colombia and Cartagena De Indias have many to offer about culture.
By the way, not all over Colombia we dress the same, it not only because of the climate but also because on each region we are very proud of our ancestors and we are so lucky to see that we have high respect for adults, parents, grand parents and authorities.
We invite you all to have a real experience by visiting the Caribbean Colombian coast, count on Durán Durán Tours in Cartagena De Indias -Colombia.
What to do?
First to live and love without limits but keeping in mind your health and the laws.
To go running in the morning, biking or fishing, playing soccer or pool.
To help others as much as possible but not only giving people things and money for free but teaching them how to get the fish.
What activity to get involve in?
Why not visiting our museums?
Why not having a street food tour?
Why not learning about “ Love in the time of cholera” ?
What about walking in the old city with ?
What about learning about our Afro-descendants communities?
Or just going to beach and having something to drink?

We wish every body merry Christmas and a much better 2.019.